Setting Goals

In an industry that is constantly changing, I think it’s important to maintain a set of professional goals. In addition to just loving to learn about new technologies, I think it behooves anyone in the IT industry to constantly look at keeping their skills sharp. The evolving nature of computers is really what drew me to work in IT – an evolving field makes us all perpetual students of the craft.

The next twelve months will be busier than normal for me but I’m always thinking about what I’d like to learn. The following are on my list of my professional “To-do’s”.

  • MCSE – I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies my entire career and this certification is long overdue. As it stands now I’m looking to do the “Server Infrastructure” learning stream. This certification is what I’m currently working toward.
  • OSCP – I had been eyeing to do this certification promptly after returning from my trip in February, however the poor Canadian dollar has really prevented me from signing up for this course. I have always loved information security and this would certainly be a passion certification.
  • Learning Python – This somewhat goes hand-in-hand with taking OSCP, however I’ve wanted to get my hands dirty and really try to learn Python.
  • Enhancing my Database Skills – Out of all of the technologies that you might expect to see in just about any business environment, Databases (specifically MSSQL) is probably the technology that I’m least familiar with. I’d like to look into getting better with databases to become a more well-rounded professional.

In addition to working full time and planning a wedding, the list above may be wishful thinking but I love to keep busy and I’ll be sure to post my progress along the way.