Always have an offline backup

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I am “dedicated” to my backups. A good backup plan can be the difference between a successful recovery and ending a business. That’s not an over-statement…it’s happened before.

There has been a long standing debate on which backup media is best. Tape, hard disks and in recent years the cloud has really come to the forefront. I have worked with all three mediums and while I prefer backing up to hard disks, tapes have one distinct benefit – you will always have an offline copy.

Perhaps having backups on tapes with only one copy (in most cases) accessible at any given time from the network was in some ways, a bit of a fluke; a benefit that many didn’t really think too deeply into. Your backup solution should be based off your Threat Risk Analysis and your Business Impact Analysis and an important item for consideration in your TRA is an intruder in your network. When Anonymous comprised HB Gary’s network the company’s backups were deleted in an effort to thoroughly destroy the company. A similar instance occurred with Code Spaces and the event ended the company.

Whatever methods you decide to employ in your disaster recovery plan, make sure that you always have a recent copy of your data offline and in a secure place to ensure your organization can survive in the event of malicious activities.